We love our staff and invest a lot of energy in the well being of our team. It starts with good training coupled with constant communication and a commitment to great service.

If you've every been to Stick Boy hopefully you noticed how friendly our staff are and their willingness to go above and beyond for customers.


We are looking for enthusiastic early morning risers to join our team either pastry baking or slicing, packaging and delivering our amazing breads and pastries all over the High Country. With proper sleep management the crazy hours make for a fun summer! Since the shift ends late morning the afternoons and evenings are freed up to be outdoors! Isn't that why we're here?

Pastry Bake-off Production

-3rd Shift - Enthusiastic Night Owl

-Baking pastries 3-4 days a week

-Shifts typically start at 2am and finish around 9am

-Looking for a commitment through the end of the year

-This demanding position starts at $10/hour + tips

Turn in applications at 345 Hardin Street location

Specify on application "Pastry Bake-off Position"

Wholesale Packaging and Delivery

-Shifts start as early as 2AM and go as long as 11AM, but many mornings go from 4AM-10AM

-Starting pay $8.50/hour + tips

Other challenges of the job include:

-Paying attention to detail in organizing orders and coordinating deliveries

-Working quickly in a small space

-Being friendly to customers at the end of a busy shift

-Communicating with kitchen staff all over the High Country

-Thinking ahead

-Problem solving

-Working independently


-Clean Driving Record

-Current Drivers License

-Comfortable Driving Large Delivery Van

-Friendly Personality

-Good Communication

Turn in applications at 345 Hardin Street location

Specify on application "Wholesale Delivery Position"