Donation requests

Boone location only.

For Fuquay-Varina donation requests please email

One of our guiding principles at Stick Boy Bread Co. is community. We choose to take an active role in strengthening the health, social, educational, and cultural fabric of our community. With that in mind, we are proud to support local charities, organizations, and groups by giving our time, money, and product away generously. We hope that all donations, large and small, will help to foster the goodwill between people in our community. We would like to support as many causes and organizations as we can, however, we feel that helping a smaller number of causes in a more significant way is the best use of our resources. We will gladly review any request and try to help the causes with which we most identify. If your organization or effort is not clearly charitable or nonprofit, your request may become a marketing decision rather than a charitable giving decision. We hope that this will help you understand our decision. Please use the following forms for requests to Stick Boy Bread Co., Stick Boy Kitchen, and Melanie’s.


So how can we help you?


Believe it or not, we get hundreds of donation requests a year and to keep it simple our standard donation is $20 of product or gift certificates. We have many options that meet this amount, such as gift certificates, cookies, scones, day old pastries and loaves of bread. If this is something you’re looking for, please fill out our Short Form and choose from the options listed.

Please submit this form at least two weeks before the event date, and give us one week to process your request.


If you are requesting a larger more detailed donation or have a request that goes beyond our $20 of product, please fill out our Detailed Form. Here we can take a closer look at your specific event and organization needs and see what we can do.

Please submit this form at least one month before the event date, and give us one week to process your request.


Please note that priority is given to charitable organizations and nonprofits that submit requests with ample time before their event.


Thank you for being a part of our community!